Our Most Successful SOC Review

Updated: Feb 16

There’s no magic recipe when it comes to SOC 2 success…
But we do see a lot of variation between our clients, in the time it takes and how painful or empowering it is for their business. One of our clients, Workvivo, set a new benchmark.


They tackled SOC 2 in a matter of weeks and improved their business practices along the way.

SOC 2 opens up new business opportunities

Workvivo recognised that SOC 2 would open up new customer opportunities and simplify onboarding. There was buy-in from the CEO, CIO and in turn, everyone else in their business.

The CEO put it high on their priority list. But rather than empty words, he really followed through on that. Initiating weekly stand-ups focused on SOC 2, setting out time for it to avoid “context-switching”, and accepting ownership of the relevant areas. He remained involved at a high-level to understand what it was all about so he could encourage and support his team throughout the process.

SOC 2 just makes sense for the business

The icing on the cake was recognition from the whole team involved, that SOC 2 “just makes sense” for the business. It had prompted Workvivo to more clearly define their processes and responsibilities. That would enable them to scale and serve enterprise customers more effectively.

Many of our clients view SOC 2 as “compliance” - a necessary evil that’s best avoided or reduced to the extent possible. Others, like Workvivo, see it as an opportunity and embrace the benefits it can bring to their business. That makes all the difference.

SOC Reporting

We see a lot of variation in the timeline and success of our clients SOC 2 projects. Workvivo set a new benchmark and we explore why.