CPA Partnerships

CPA Partnerships

AICPA Firm Partners in the US Market with over 1500 SOC 2 Assessments Completed

Free Support

Free Support

Friendly Consultants & Automation Technology to Get Started Without any Cost Commitments

Affordable Services

Affordable Services

Experienced Consultants and Technology-Enabled Audit Processes to Achieve Cost Savings

Australian Based

Australian Based

Providing Local Audit and Readiness Services Across Asia-Pacific


Our Technology-Enabled Approach is Simple, Engaging and Personalised to Support You Through the End-to-End Requirements.


AssuranceLab Supports Flexible Timelines with an Agile Audit Approach and Tailored Steps to Align to Your Preferences.

GAP ANALYSIS REPORTRecommendations and guidance to achieve compliance Type 2 AuditTiming of audit fieldwork activities are flexible to your preferences TYPE 2AUDIT(2-8 weeks) QA & REPORTISSUANCE(~4 weeks) QA & REPORTISSUANCE(~4 weeks) TYPE 1AUDIT(2-26 weeks) Free SupportUse our free SOC 2 Health-check, Scope BuilderApps and friendly guidance. Automated SOC 2 AsssessmentOur industry leading SOC 2App does all the hard workfor you to have a full assessment report and documentation outputs in ~90 mins. RemediationResolve any compliance gaps in your own time with our support. Achieved ComplianceConfirmed date of compliance. Type 1 AuditOur agile approach starts when youre ready with flexible timelines for whencompliance is achieved. Type 2 Audit PeriodSelect a period of compliancebetween 3-12 months for theType 2 Audit. Services AgreementWith our serviceguarantees Planning/Scoping(1-2 weeks) Readiness Assessment(1-2 weeks) RemediationPeriod(1-6 Months) CompliancePeriod(3-12 Months) Type 1 Report Type 2 Report

SOC 2 Audit Steps

We Support the End-to-End Steps Including Coordination with our AICPA Firm Partners. 

SOC 2 Readiness Assessment

Our automated SOC 2 Readiness Assessment App does all the hard work for you. Identified observations and recommendations to achieve SOC 2 compliance. Your control practices are documented to the SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria with audit evidence and testing procedures for full transparency ahead of the audit. 

SOC 2 Remediation Support

We guide you as you address the observations, to implement fit-for-purpose solutions that align with your culture and the SOC 2 criteria requirements. Iterative reviews and feedback to support your team.

SOC 2 Audit - Type 1

SOC 2 Type I reports demonstrate compliance with SOC 2 at a point in time. We review one sample of each control practice to confirm they are designed appropriately and meet the SOC 2 criteria. 

SOC 2 Audit - Type 2

SOC 2 Type 2 reports demonstrate compliance with SOC 2 over a period of time. You provide a list of events during the period and we select a sample. We check that you applied your control practices in line with how you have defined them.


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