Process-light SOC 2 compliance

'Process-Light Compliance'

Can you be agile and compliant?

As the leading provider of SOC 2 reports to SMB SaaS businesses in Asia-Pacific, we get a lot of questions about how to achieve InfoSec compliance in a 'process-light' or 'fit-for-purpose' way.

Can you achieve SOC 2 and other standards without being 'process-heavy' and over-burdening your business with 'compliance'?

9. Privacy


Recognising and responding to individual preferences and sensitivities of personal data that is collected and used.

4. (Green) Data Management

Data Management

Managing critical data to ensure it is available, accurate and appropriate to support the system objectives.



Ensuring your service operates continuously with redundancy, backups and response plans.

3. Business continuity

Business Continuity

Planning for major adverse events that threaten the continuity of your services and operations.



Defined processes and steps to identify, classify, respond to and resolve unplanned adverse events.