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Our tailored approach combines our award winning Regtech software, agile audits, and flexible guides for the complete compliance solution that fits your business.


Our agile approach works through the stages at your pace and in parallel; the way modern businesses operate.

CSA Readiness Assessment

Our CSA readiness software does all the hard work for you. Identified observations and recommendations to achieve CSA compliance. Your controls are documented in line with the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

CSA Remediation Support

We guide you as you address the observations, to implement fit-for-purpose solutions that align with your culture and the CSA cloud controls matrix. Iterative reviews and feedback so you know you're on the right track.

CSA STAR - Type 1 Attestation

Type 1 reports demonstrate compliance with CSA at a point in time. We review one sample of each control practice to confirm they are designed appropriately and meet the CSA criteria for initial accreditation.

CSA STAR - Type 2 Attestation

Type 2 reports demonstrate compliance with the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) over a period of time. You provide a list of events during the period and we select a sample. We check that you applied your control practices in line with how you have defined them.

You're in great company. We work with hundreds of fast-growing software companies. From 2 to 14,000 employees.

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What our customers say:

' We are super stoked that we chose to work with AssuranceLab who have made the audit such a pleasant experience. '

Guido Santo, VP Cybersecurity

' The key was in the simplification of the audit requirement. AssuranceLab speaks a language the customer can understand. This is critical. '

Paul Lubik, Consultant

' We have had the most seamless and great relationship. AssuranceLab has taken care of us every step of the way, helping us get through the dreaded audits in a way that actually isn’t stressful or overwhelming.

I actually really enjoy the audits as this way takes the pressure and stress out of it completely and knowing we have support whenever we need it is also helpful. '

Catherine Fromont, People and Operations

' AssuranceLab always responded to our questions quickly and their explanations were clear and efficient. That helped us better understand our controls and make improvements to make them more efficient and manage compliance better. '

Huy Dang Nguyen, Senior Security Specialist

' AssuranceLab was supportive and responsive throughout the entire process... (their) agile approach fit well. They were always just a phone call away and would match the speed we were going for any given week. '

Tristan Cole, CTO

' This flexible process allowed us time to make changes while catering to the business needs. It contributes to making the audit faster, simpler and for us to understand the processes better. '

Adrian Loke, Director of Infrastructure

' AssuranceLab listened to understand our unique issues and helped guide us through the audit process in a way that made sense for us.'

Brad Shaw, CEO

' The collaborative approach provided many opportunities for small course corrections before investing too much time. This prevented wasted effort and improved the quality and business fit. '

Bryon Westmoreland, CEO

' We found the whole process to become SOC 2 Type I and then SOC 2 Type II was a complex problem made easy by AssuranceLab. Whenever we had a query about anything the responses were prompt and thoughtful. '

Robert Sumison, Head of Security


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