Case Study


Sempo combines compliance software with AssuranceLab's SOC 2 audits
About Sempo

Sempo delivers aid into developing nations through blockchain technology in partnership with

charities like Oxfam.

"AssuranceLab was supportive and responsive throughout the entire process... (their) agile approach fit well. They were always just a phone call away and would match the speed we were going for any given week."


Tristan Cole – CTO, Sempo

Why did you work with AssuranceLab?

Sempo operates at the intersection of humanitarian aid and finance, thus many of our customers and partners (banks, regulators) have high operational standards. The SOC 2 helped us meet those standards from an IT perspective as an industry standard and that’s recognised globally.


Sempo used the Vanta platform to support compliance implementation combined with AssuranceLab's agile and consultative audit process to guide the requirements, complete the audit, and issue the final SOC 2 report.

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Download the full case study to find out more about Sempo's experience of working through this project and their practical tips to others.