Case Study

PBR Solutions

Plan.Build.Run consultants team up with AssuranceLab for a holistic approach
About PBR Solutions

Plan.Build.Run (PBR) Solutions is a boutique consultancy providing support services for information security compliance and operational excellence. PBR Solutions works with clients in the software and healthcare industries with various regulatory and industry standards. On this project, PBR Solutions, based in Melbourne, was working for a global SaaS company headquartered in New York and with offices and key personnel in Europe.

“The key was in the simplification of the audit requirement. AssuranceLab speaks a language the customer can understand. This is critical.”


Paul Lubik, Founder of PBR Solutions

Why did you work with AssuranceLab?

Our client wanted to pursue new business opportunities by obtaining a SOC 2 report. Whilst we are able to implement processes and controls for them, we needed an independent auditor to perform the actual audit. This is where AssuranceLab comes in. We chose them because we wanted an Australian-based partner who specialises in SOC 2 and understands start-up culture.

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